Our Leadership

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Phone: +91-91199-99889
Email: ashish@beinlegalllp.com



Qualification:- B.A. LLB. (Hons.); Diploma in Insolvency & Bankruptcy laws; Diploma in IPR, Diploma in Business Laws

Ashish is an experienced professional having ability to understand the integrities of the business and suggest on the aspects of law accordingly.

His core area is business laws, laws related to real estate sector & insolvency & bankruptcy laws prevalent in India. He has worked with individuals and corporate houses in in field of commercial & corporate litigation, drafting, insolvency & bankruptcy cases.

Ashish has dealt with clients engaged in business of stock markets, real estate developer’s, manufacturing units (factories), food industry, pharmaceutical industry etc. He has appeared before NCLT, NCLAT, DRT, DRAT etc.

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Phone: +91-78692-79052
Email: ankur@beinlegalllp.com


Qualification:- B.A. LLB. (Hons.); WIPOCourse on Intellectual Property Rights

Ankur is a registered practitioner with Bar Council of Madhya Pradesh. He is having experience in criminal litigation and has appeared before Sessions Court, Madhya Pradesh High Court & Supreme Court of India.

He has been engaged as a legal advisor by Saral Bharat, Saral Bharat News & Society for civil liberties (NGO). He has led many trademark and copyright infringement raids successfully.

He is involved in the Incorporation and Registration of Companies, LLP, NGO’s etc. Further, he guides the startups on regular basis in regards with legalities of applicable legislations. Over the years, Ankur has gained experience in assisting corporates in structuring and re-structuring of business.



Phone: +91-70093-31289
Email: rahul@beinlegalllp.com



Qualification:- B.A. LLB. (Hons.); Diploma in Insolvency & Bankruptcy laws; Diploma in IPR, Diploma in Business Laws

Rahul has been working towards ensuring legal compliance practice in the industry. He has expertise in compliance related to Airline Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Real Estate Sector, Pharmaceutical Industry, Telecommunication Industry, Facility Management Industry, Software Industry, FMCG Sector.

He has conducted legal & compliance audits for Corporate Giants and has guided the corporates on the closure of non-compliances

He has prepared a compliance checklist on various legislations. Further, he has conducting various training sessions on provides training on the practical aspect of legal compliances to individuals & corporates.

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Phone: +91-96309-10564
Email: vishwajeet@beinlegalllp.com


Qualification:- B.A. LLB. (Hons.); WIPO Course on Intellectual Property Rights

Vishwajeet is a registered practitioner with the Bar Council of Madhya Pradesh. He is having expertise in regular court matters and has appeared before District Court, Madhya Pradesh High Court, various Tribunals & the Supreme Court of India.

Vishwajeet has always been intrigued by the due process of the law. He is majorly into core litigation and handles the civil and criminal matters of the firm. He has gained expertise in “Intellectual Property Laws” and has led many trademarks and copyright infringement raids successfully.

He has worked along with multinational clients to ensure legal compliance practice and trademark practice. He has undertaken compliance audits for various manufacturing industries. Further, he is engaged in pro-bono work for NGOs. He has appeared before various forums on behalf of NGOs.


Our Team

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Saloni Kasliwal

B.A. LLB (Hons)

Saloni is an associate at BeIN Legal. Having attained a Bachelor of Arts and Legislative Law degree, her primary area of work is inclined towards the fields of corporate & commercial laws, contractual dispute resolution & intellectual Property laws. As a law aficionado, Saloni strives to hone her research skills in other fields of law as well. She possesses prominent leadership skills and has noteworthy experience in drafting legal documents. She is diligent with her work and doesn't shy away from putting in extra effort to achieve the desired results.

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Neha Shukla

B.A. LLB (Hons), LLM

Having around two year's of work experience in legal practice. She is a versatile lawyer having the acumen to handle both the branches of law- Corporate and Litigation. She possesses excellent communication skills, both verbal and written with most analytical, logical and creative thinking. Her expertise lies in matters of Trademark, Design, Copyright and Matrimonial matters.

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Riddhi Puntambekar

B.A. LLB (Hons)

She is a highly accomplished individual, who holds a Bachelor of Arts and Legislative Law degree. She has an eye for detail and does well-versed legal research and analysis. She has a rigorous way of thinking and building logical arguments along with excellent communication skills. Her key areas of interest include Intellectual Property Rights, Litigation and Corporate Law. She has the ability to absorb large volume of information in a short period of time and is able to apply it in the client's best interests.

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Satwik Shukla

B.A. LLB (Hons)

Satwik Shukla is a legal trainee at BeIN Legal LLP. She holds a BBA. LL.B degree and has a keen interest in corporate law, insolvency matters and compliance. Satwik tries to be diverse and inclusive in her work. Satwik has an unparalleled combination of academic background, research skills and an ahead of the curve mindset, which allows her to deliver practical solutions to problems.

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Yash Ojha


Manager with over three years of experience in digital marketing. Responsible for running all paid campaigns, improving conversions by giving better user experience and by running various conversion optimization tests. Mainly focus on performance marketing and data-driven, passionate about product development and tech industry. Having experience of working and growing different kinds of companies such as startups, marketing agencies, and national corps; creating and implementing online strategies like SEO, SEM, SMM, email marketing

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Shailja Patel


Ms. Shailja patel is an associate at BeIN Legal. She has completed her graduation in B.Sc and post graduation in Finance and Human Resources in MBA. She is fond of reading inspirational books. She possesses prominent leadership skills and has noteworthy experience in marketing and sales. She is diligent with her work and doesn't shy away from putting in extra effort to achieve the desired results.