Industrial & Labour Compliance


Labour Establishment Compliance Services (ECS)

The Shop and Establishment Act is premise explicit, so each branch whether you have just a single worker or more employees, must be enlisted under the Shop and Establishment Act. BeIN Legal LLP is a one stop solution for all your compliance services all across India. It offers start to finish compliances which incorporate registrations, maintenance of records, return submission, displays, inspections etc.

Contract Labour Compliance Services (CLCS)

All Companies include various project based contractors and contract labourers for different purposes. The principal employer is at last answerable for the compliances of the workers for hire. BeIN LEGAL LLP offers this novel help to systemize and guarantee compliances of the project workers, from monitoring time office to guaranteeing that the project workers are agreeable.

Factory Compliance Services 

The FCS or the Factory Compliance services needs a high level of dedication and strict timelines. Although prime facie it seems that it does not command the same standing as other fields and is often ignored however, this might prompt grave outcomes in future. BeIN Legal LLP provides Factory related compliances for existing plants as well as the Factories, workshops, warehouses etc, covered under Factories Act and other related acts. We help you maintain the factory as per the industry standards and furthermore aid and assist in registration and renewals of licnense.

Industrial Licensing Services

This is related to compliance under the Industrial Laws under which industrial establishments are mandated to obtain license/ registration when they are engaged in certain specific activities like handling food items, petroleum products, etc. These are administered by the Central / State Governments and by the local bodies too, like the Municipal Corporation. BeIN LEGAL LLP , with its spread and wide network, supports businesses in getting necessary licenses / registration and in doing other related compliance activities on a continuous basis